Our Team

Collin J. McKinney, President
Collin has over 30 years of experience in analytical instrumentation R&D and project management in a wide variety of fields. These designs have been in the fields of nuclear medicine, medical imaging, analytical chemistry (electrochemistry, mass spectrometry, NMR, radio-HPLC, radio-GC), DNA sequencing utilizing nano-technology, remote ocean sensing, among others. He has over 40 publications and one book chapter along with several patents.

Robert L. Musser, PhD, Research Scientist
Robert has over 35 years of experience in the application of analytical instrumentation in medicine and biology. Specifically, he has been involved with the application of radio-tracers in biology and medicine, the design of biological and medical instrumentation, micro-mass spectrometry design and general experiment design. He also brings a solid background in physics, mechanics, and statistics to any project.

Kenneth Brooks, PhD, Software Scientist
Kenneth has over 30 years of experience in operating systems, computer architecture, scientific programming and game programming. Specifically, he has designed software for handling data acquisition and control of electrochemical instrumentation and radio-chemical synthesis systems. He brings a strong background in physics and math to all of his endeavors.

Marian Yap, General Management and Accounting
Marian has over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry with specific interest in customer service and regulatory compliance. She also serves as our international partner liaison

The Company

M2 has been providing customers world-wide with engineering services from our home location in Durham, North Carolina, USA, since 2006.

We strive to provide high quality, innovative solutions which satisfy customer requirements.

about us

Systems Approach

We apply a holistic, systems approach to the planning and execution of all of our projects. This allows us to pro-grammatically define areas of risk and to asses budgetary and scheduling ramifications. We then work with our cus-tomers to develop strategies to manage risk and ensure that our products and services meet specifications, are de-livered on time and within budget.