Electrochemical Instrumentation

We have designed Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry (FSCV) systems, potentiostats, multiplexers, and control software for a variety of applications, including clinical medicine applications. We utilize proprietary circuitry to provide low noise current amplification with fast scan rates.

Radiochemistry, Nuclear Medicine,
& Automated Chemical Synthesis Instrumentation

Our expertise in the area of radiopharmaceutical production has led to the design of several custom radiosynthesis systems for nuclear medicine applications and sold through Tracera, Inc. These systems have included precision fluid handling, electronic liquid and bubble detection, solid state radiation detection, Peltier-controlled reactors, and integrated custom radio-GC and radio-HPLC using in-house proprietary technologies. Control of the hardware was performed via an EMI-hardened USB network. The system also included user-reconfigurable hardware that was also supported in the software environment. Control software, operating in the windows environment, was developed and included with process recording for GMP compliance.

Sensors and Analytical Instrumentation

We have designed a wide variety of sensor and analytical systems, including non-contact bubble and liquid presence sensors, thermal conductivity detector (TCD) systems for Gas Chromatography, and miniature radiation sensors.